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The Boston Globe article from 2012 says "the group’s exposure has yet to match its talent." Absolutely true. You guys are so awesome. I truly have enjoyed all the shows I've seen. As of March 2014, that's about 4. Looking forward to hearing you play many more times.
salut L'ami, Jaques...send me an update on upcoming events!
oui c cool j'aime bien et merci pour le message
I'm lookin' forward to hearing you in person Saturday. I've worked with many world music bands but have not heard one quite like yours before.
great music!!!!
Outstanding music and performance and so special with young Palestinian guest. WOW!
Great music
Really great music!
You guys need to come to Atlanta
Hi! I saw you guys play at the Precinct on Fri 6/18 and it was great! Wow, I had a spectacular time at this meetup. I enjoyed meeting everyone and the music was great! Jacques, your band is tremendous, and I loved how the singing meshed with the instruments. Good variety also. I do have a few pics I took with my phone, and I will post them soon. Hope to see everyone at upcoming meetups!
Peace for all.
I had the great pleasure of watching Jacques Pardo play in his band at the Ryles Jazz club on March 6th. This was my very first Atlas Soul concert. I was pleasantly surprised how versatile and fun the band was, truly a cultural mix of north African(maghrebien)and jazz fusion. Anwar has an amazing voice. I am definitely bringing my posse of friends to next Atlas Soul gig. Thank you Jacques!!!
Thanks you so much for the show last Saturday at the Ryles Jazz Club. The mix between RAI and JAZZ was amazing! We had a great time. Feriel
Wow. Three thumbs up! What a great evening, even though Atlas Soul only played one set. Excellent band - the best I've seen in a Boston club - If what I saw last night was typical, these guys are NYC-quality, no problem. More specifically - 1) the mix of genres (funk, North African, soul, jazz, world) really was as described and it all worked really well together, each element coming out distinctly at different times, but all of it blending together smoothly and unbelievably well; 2) their music is great to dance to; and 3) even though the music itself has a really nice raw energy, they're the most professional-sounding band I've seen in a club in Boston - each member by himself could probably make any lesser band worth seeing just bc that member is so good; all together, they have a nicely polished sound, and are really "together" as a band.
“ On a scale of 1-10, Atlas Soul is way beyond a 10! The musicians are extremely talented, spirted, professional. The music is a nice blend of musical funk, world, jazz...even a hint of hip hop beats. Great energy & an engaging interaction with the audience, it was easy for the band to rouse the crowd to dance, clap and sing along throughout the shhow for an incredibly fun time! Sets were long & satisfying, the one break very brief. I loved the band, all of the music, danced all night and place them among on the best bands I've seen in a long time! It was a great time for all! A must see for folks who love this style of music and who love to dance. ”
Nice voice Anwar!!!!!!
I heard your band for the first time last April, when you were at the TropicFest in Tampa, Florida. Je trouvais votre musique, tres enchantee!!! J'aime plusiers genres de musique, mais surtout the sound of the French et mediterranean influences. C'est formidable! I am American, mais mon coeur est francaise et mon ame (spirit) s'envoler quand j'ecoute de votre musique. Meilleurs voeux, Best wishes, mes deseos mejores, Dorothy
met you at Piccio's 50th Saturday. Really enjoyed the music, even my non-music noticing husband noticed. Making sure my DC friends notice you too.